Benefits of HLB


HLB International Network supports its clients, providing high quality, best expertise and all necessary resources to carry out projects both locally and globally.

Our main benefits are:

• Local and international approach. You will be served both locally and globally by the team of experts located in various markets and devoted to consult particularly in your jurisdiction. Your primarily point of contact will be the engagement partner in the firm managing the work, who guarantees smooth running of domestic and international assignments, including meeting deadlines and providing with a quality work product.

 Partner led involvement. Companies hiring an accounting firm, primarily hire the people. For this reason it is a practice within the HLB International network to have partners closely involved throughout the engagement and in all locational where the client operates.

 One point of contact. Each partner who is responsible for the engagement in each jurisdiction will be made aware of the main point of contact. This will facilitate ease of communication in order to meet with the company’s requirements.

 Continuity of engagement teams. All offices of HLB International in each country endeavor to ensure that the team a prospective client meets will be the same as the one you will see when a group firm is appointed, and every effort is made to keep this team in place from year to year, particularly at the senior level.

 A seamless service. For member firms remain legally independent, the HLB International network maintains its coherence through its international client business activities, a common identity and continuous communication through regional and technical conferences. HLB International network consistently demonstrates the strength of its members and cohesiveness of its operations for the benefit of the clients.

 Worldwide coverage. Our network comprises member firms in over 150 countries who, collectively, have more than 25,000 staff in 700 offices making sure that we can serve your needs wherever you operate.

 Realistic fees. As you will see detailed in this proposal, member firms in the HLB International network offer a wide range of services, resources, and experts, similar to that of “Big 4” networks, but without such high fees.

In summary, OUR GOAL IS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER. Once the structure of HLB International is based on close personal relationships between the member firms, it can provide international project management, timetable monitoring, central fees negotiation, problem solving and reporting to management as some of the support services provided. In this way we are able to offer clients continuous hands-on support allowing them to concentrate on core business activities.

With our flexible approach, HLB offices are able to offer clients as much or as little support in these areas as they require. This regular, on-going interaction with the partners and staff of the HLB member firms involved let clients avoid year-end fee surprises or other unexpected issues.

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