Consulting for Public Administration


The service includes:

– development of the Russian Federation constituent entities and municipalities socio-economic development strategies and programmes, governmental and municipal programmes, sectorial concepts and strategies;

– analysis of financial and economic activities of governmental and municipal bodies, recommendations on their activities optimization;

– monitoring and efficiency evaluation of activities of the federal and regional bodies of state power, local government bodies and budgetary institutions;

– elaboration of proposals on territorial development of the Federation constituent entities and cities;

– development of public-private partnership in the Federation constituent entities and municipalities;

– elaboration of organizational plans of budgetary investments attraction to the projects aimed at the increase of governmental and municipal property utilization efficiency;

– development of complex investment plans and special-purpose economic models for one-factory towns;

– development of budgetary funding standards by sectors (transport, education, culture);

– risk evaluation of regional projects.

Advantages and results

– many years’ experience of the development and approval of strategic planning documents in the Russian Federation, application of advanced methods of strategizing, good reputation in the governmental authorities of Mosow, Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast and Pskov Oblast, Khakassia, Nenets Autonomous Okrug and other regions.

– effective methods of efficiency monitoring of public authorities’ and budgetary institutions’ activities implemented in the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, regional executive State government bodies;

– Successful experience of analyzing financial and economic activities of institutions by sectors (public health, energy, culture, education, transport, construction);

– growth of budgetary expenditures effectiveness and social effect as a result of proposed approaches;

– high reputation in the sector confirmed with numerous clients’ testimonials.

Project experience

Economic Policy and Strategic Planning Committee of Saint-Petersburg City

Elaboration of Saint-Petersburg social and economic development strategy till 2030.

Elaboration and testing the methodological approaches to forming and developing the territorial economic zones of Saint-Petersburg.

Economic Development and Investments Committee of Leningrad Oblast

the programme of Leningrad Oblast social and economic development in 2012 to 2016

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Monitoring the activities of the Russian Federation constituent entities’ executive power bodies in the field of culture aimed to revealing and promoting the best regions.

Executive State power bodies of the Republic of Khakassia

Elaboration of the Republic of Khakassia air-transport infrastructure development concept till 2017

Executive State power bodies of Saint-Petersburg City

Elaboration of Saint-Petersburg competition development concept in 2010 to 2015

Executive State power bodies of Pskov Oblast

Elaboration of proposals on the increase of Pskov Oblast public health institutions’ financial and economic activities efficiency.

Urban and rural settlements of Leningrad Oblast, Saint-Petersburg City and Arkhangelsk Oblast

Development of social and economic development strategies and complex programmes.

Sectoral schemes of communal infrastructure.

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