Management Consulting

Perfection of management accounting system

The service includes:

– development of recommendations on restructuring the business processes of planning, production / services prime cost formation and monitoring, the improvement of organizational structure, information exchange and document workflow for the purposes of management system improvement;

– recommendations on the improvement of accounting policies and management accounting and management reporting standards, elaboration of rules and regulations;

– development of production/services primary cost formation taking into consideration sectoral regulations and the specificity of concrete business;

– recommendations on the changes and integration of corporate information systems and the order of keeping analytical and production records in accordance with methodological requirements;

– methodological support of information technologies implementation on the basis of SAP and 1C systems for keeping records and management accounting reports preparation.


– provision of topical and reliable information for taking management decisions;

– provision of competitive costs level based on production differentiation;

– enterprise market value increasing;

– provision of tools for the control of management accounting system business processes;

– improvement of enterprise financial stability and reducing dependency on external financing.

Improvement of internal control system for financial accounting and accounting processes The service includes:

– corporate control system analysis and determining elements and objects of financial reporting internal control systems;

– revealing and evaluating the risks of financial reporting divergence;

– risk matrices and control procedures development and business processes modeling;

– current system diagnostics, including control procedures testing to improve their design and operational effectiveness;

– recommendations on internal control systems improvement;

– elaboration of company’s business units cooperation procedures;

– methodological support of internal control systems implementation.


– prevention of material mistakes in the course of financial statements preparation and corrections upon period end losing;

– provision of financial statements accuracy level required for taking effective management decisions, planning and achieving goals control;

– lowering labour efforts and expediting financial reporting preparation;

– lowering labour intensiveness when evaluating control effectiveness by internal audit of enterprise;

– restricting finance results manipulation capabilities;

– provision of corporate management system further improvement;

– allocation of responsibility for providing unauthentic financial statements.

* Work is performed in accordance with Article 19 of the Federal law No. 402-FZ dated 6 December 2011 “On accounting”.

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